"Patchanka" 1988
  1. Mano Negra
  2. Ronde de Nuit
  3. Baby you're mine
  4. Indios de Barcelona
  5. Rock Island Line
  6. Noche de Acción
  7. Darling Darling
  8. Killin' Rats
  9. Mala Vida ()
  10. Takin' it up
  11. La Ventura
  12. Lonesome Bop
  13. Bragg Jack
  14. Salga la Luna

Baby youre mine

Cooky in my pocket
I just wont stop shack in NOW!
Makes me look in to the left
Lookin to the right
Here comes a little beautie
Stars are twinklin in here eyes
She said everythings allright
Youre lookin for a pretty girl
When Im loockin for an
Handsome guy!!

Now who will try
To change a love
That will never die!?!

Never tell your moma
What weve been doing together
Gonna tell your moma
Ive been with you like a brother
Tell her she can come see me too
If she ever feelin blue!!