"Putas Fever" 1989
  1. Rock'n Roll Band
  2. King Kong Five
  3. Soledad ()
  4. Sidi H'Bibi
  5. The rebel Spell ()
  6. Peligro ()
  7. Pas Assez de Toi
  8. Magic Dice
  9. Mad House
  10. Guayaquil City
  11. Voodoo
  12. Patchanka
  13. A Rancon
  14. The Devil's Call
  15. Roger Cageot
  16. El sur
  17. Patchuko Hop

Mad House!

My heart is like a big house
Full of ghosts and rats
A house without a window
And darkness livininside
So you came little Babe
And you turned on the lights
So you came little Baby
And you turned on the lights
You saw monsters they made you cry
You blew the lights and hide
My hearts is...
Now Baby wont you come back
Baby wont you come back
Wont you come back again
Voix off: She told me just before shes gone
That Im a sucker Im a punk
Im violent everytime Im drunk
She just cant stand a Wino Man
Had a dream last nigth
it was so bright
You! or was it Mr Hide?
Voix off: Thats when the moon felt down, right up from the sky...
And broke my heart into pieces