"Putas Fever" 1989
  1. Rock'n Roll Band
  2. King Kong Five
  3. Soledad ()
  4. Sidi H'Bibi
  5. The rebel Spell ()
  6. Peligro ()
  7. Pas Assez de Toi
  8. Magic Dice
  9. Mad House
  10. Guayaquil City
  11. Voodoo
  12. Patchanka
  13. A Rancon
  14. The Devil's Call
  15. Roger Cageot
  16. El sur
  17. Patchuko Hop

Magic Dice

La patchanka (cause we got it!)
The sticky sound (the magic dice)
But la patchanka (Thank you thank you)
Cant be no Rotten Sound! (Magic Dice!)
One day I found me a Magic Dice
Magic Dice that always talkin twice
Roll Roll Roll the tumblin dice
Every thing you say is a good advice
Nice Nice Nice the Tumblin Dice
Never leave me to my own, my own Device
He never Ever Ever Ever told me lies
Nice Nice Nice The Tumblin Dice