"Putas Fever" 1989
  1. Rock'n Roll Band
  2. King Kong Five
  3. Soledad ()
  4. Sidi H'Bibi
  5. The rebel Spell ()
  6. Peligro ()
  7. Pas Assez de Toi
  8. Magic Dice
  9. Mad House
  10. Guayaquil City
  11. Voodoo
  12. Patchanka
  13. A Rancon
  14. The Devil's Call
  15. Roger Cageot
  16. El sur
  17. Patchuko Hop

King Kong Five!

Listen to the beat beat beat
Of the song song
Buzzin in my head head
Like a bum dum
3~Twist and Jerks they do the boogie
Like one big flop
They dont know about tha soul wine habit club
I sing my song and Im a rocker
Burnin up with the PUTAS FEVER
Paris Paris is not a place to be
For a little monkey, little frenchy chimpanzee
Whos never been on the scene
"I never been on the scene but I can dream
That we"
Were the king kong five
Dointhe king kong jive
On the Gabony boogie
Now whats the matter whit me?
Whats the matter whit me?
Im playin like shakin under the coconut tree