"Putas Fever" 1989
  1. Rock'n Roll Band
  2. King Kong Five
  3. Soledad ()
  4. Sidi H'Bibi
  5. The rebel Spell ()
  6. Peligro ()
  7. Pas Assez de Toi
  8. Magic Dice
  9. Mad House
  10. Guayaquil City
  11. Voodoo
  12. Patchanka
  13. A Rancon
  14. The Devil's Call
  15. Roger Cageot
  16. El sur
  17. Patchuko Hop

The Devils call!

Your mind is Bold
Your soul is Rough
You cant get enough
But the Devil is Tough !
Here she comes the little whore
Pushin dope around your door
Come on Rudy take a Stroll
Be deaf to the sirens howl
When you hear the Devils call
take stroll, save your soul
You think you are tough, you cant get enough
And you got the dough (for the Devils stuff)
cmon Rudy taka a stroll
If you wanna save your soul
When you hear the Devils call
Take a stroll save yur soul
Here she comes you little friend
Trying to put you down again
Cmon Rudy taka a stroll
Try to save your heart of Gold
When you hear the Devils call
My heart is cold to the Devils call
Take a stroll to LA COSTA DEL SOL
With your body and soul.