"King of The Bongo" 1991
  1. Bring the Fire
  2. King of Bongo
  3. Don't want you no more
  4. Le Bruit du Frigo
  5. Letter to the censors
  6. El Jako
  7. It's my Heart
  8. Mad Man's Dead
  9. Out of Time Man
  10. Madame Oscar
  11. Welcome in Occident
  12. Furious Fiesta
  13. The Fool
  14. Paris la Nuit

Dont want you no more

Babe I dont want you no more
And Im sick about all the game
Youre playin behind that door

To much lies
To much guys
Lonely nights
Bleedin fights
Jealousy stay away from me

Babe, babe!
Get out, get out
Of my life
Youre livin, livin
Out of my heart
I say I
I dont want you no more

Theres a man upstairs
Theres a man downstairs
Theres a man under the bed
& one across the street

All the friends you got
They will give you a home