"King of The Bongo" 1991
  1. Bring the Fire
  2. King of Bongo
  3. Don't want you no more
  4. Le Bruit du Frigo
  5. Letter to the censors
  6. El Jako
  7. It's my Heart
  8. Mad Man's Dead
  9. Out of Time Man
  10. Madame Oscar
  11. Welcome in Occident
  12. Furious Fiesta
  13. The Fool
  14. Paris la Nuit

King of Bongo

Moma was queen of the mambo
Popa was king of the Congo
& deap down in the jungle
I started banginmy first bongo
Every monkeyd like to be
in my place instead of me
cause Im the king of bongo
The king of bongo bong.

I want to the big town
Where theres a lot of sound
From the jungle to the city
Lookin for a bigger crown
So I played my Bongo
For the people of big city
But they dont go crazy
When Im bangin my boogie

Cause people like disco
& people like house
Thats why they dont applause
When Im bangin on my bongo
They say what Im a clown
Makin too much dirty sound
They say there is no crown
For little monkey in this town

Nobody like to be
In my place instead of me
Cause nobody go crazy
When Im bangin on my boogie
But I dont like no disco
& I dont like the house
cause Im born to rock
Im born to pogo

When Im bangin on my bongo
All that swing belongs to me
Im so happy theres nobody
In my place instead of me
Im a king whithout a crown
Hangin loose in the big town
& Im born to rock