"King of The Bongo" 1991
  1. Bring the Fire
  2. King of Bongo
  3. Don't want you no more
  4. Le Bruit du Frigo
  5. Letter to the censors
  6. El Jako
  7. It's my Heart
  8. Mad Man's Dead
  9. Out of Time Man
  10. Madame Oscar
  11. Welcome in Occident
  12. Furious Fiesta
  13. The Fool
  14. Paris la Nuit

Bring the Fire

You got no brains
You got no soul
Behind your eyes
Theres a big wall

Your mind is cold
Your Heart is bold
Behind your eyes
Theres a big wall

Now what am I gonna do?

& Im climbing
On the wall
Just to get
In touch
With you

Cause theres nothin
That I wouldnt do
To get in touch with you

Its been a long long night
Till she stole the light
I got a big desire
I want the world set on fire

Last time I saw the light
Was just a little lovelight shine
& it was burnin down in your eyes
So unsteady it drives me blind