"Casa Babylon" 1994
  1. Viva Zapata
  2. Casa Babylon
  3. The Monkey
  4. Señor Matanza
  5. Santa Maradona
  6. Super Chango
  7. Bala Perdida ()
  8. Machine Gun ()
  9. El Alakran
  10. Mamá Perfecta
  11. Love and Hate ()
  12. Drives me crazy
  13. Hamburger Fields
  14. La Vida
  15. Sueño de Solentiname
  16. This is my World

Drives me crazy

No fun baby
No place to be
Dancin and drinkin
You and me
And it drives me crazy

Maybe Im just
An half grown boy
This town for me
Is a broken toy

And it drives me crazy

Here comes that thunderstorm again
My temperatures risin all in vain

And it drives me crazy

Goodbye Paris
Im leavin you
Nothing they said
About you is true
They say that youre
The city of joy
They say that youre
The real MC COY
Dont wanna be
Your lonely boy...
and it Drives me crazy
Drives me crazy